Rancho Los Felix

**Photoshoots/Videos dates for 2024 dates are available / 2024 - Fechas abiertas para Fotografías/videos***



Situated on 1.5 acres of beautiful matured oak tree lined hills in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, in the middle of all major Cities. Rancho Los Felix serves as an escape from the city and has a picture background for your Wedding, Quinceaneras, or Corporate Picnic and as well serves for photography & videography sessions or to make your Music Video. Contact us today at 626-727-9042 (please give 24-48 business hours to return your call or message).

Ranch address: 1947 Turnbull Canyon Rd., Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

Packages / Amenities

[2023-2024]:  Only have dates open for photoshoots/Videography

Maximum guest count: 100




  • Please give an approximate of 24-72 hours for a response.





  • Favor de dar 24-72 horas para responderle. Gracias


Send a quote request for Photoshoots/Videography


Mandenos sus preguntas sobre photos y Videos para su celebración.

Photo/ Video / Music Video Venue Rates

for Ranch only


Weekday (Mondays works best) - but ask
5pm or later (ask) / 5pm y max trade (pregunte)
Request a quote / Pidanos precio
Weekday (Friday works best) - but ask
5p.m. or Later (ask) / 5p.m. y max trade (Pregunte)
Request a quote / Pidanos precio
1 Horse Add-On / 1 Caballo para su session
Ask for quote / Pidanos precio

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Perfect for all event types and photo/video sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many people can Rancho Los Felix accommodate? / Cuantos invitados?

A: Up to 100 guests (If planning to park inside) / more capacity if using Uber/Lift or Bus to get dropped off and picked up.

Q: Can you rent for ceremonies / Pueden rentar para events ceremonias (Bodas, Quinceaneras y Otro)?

A: Yes! Supply guest count and hours needed. / Si! denos la cantidad de personas y horas.

Q: How late can an event end? / Que tan trade puedo terminar mi evento?

A:  (Event ends by 11p.m.) Can start earlier-but will cost extra. / Su evento si es fiesta termina a las 11p.m. (Puede empesar su evento mas temprano-pregunte el costo).

Q: Do you sell Liquor? / Vende rebids alcolicas?

A: No. you are welcomed to have a Licensed Bartender, that would need to carry Liability Insurance to serve. / Puede tener un Bartender con licensia y aseguranza.

Q: Do you provide Catering Service? / Sirven comida para eventos?

A: We do not, but can supply caterers that can be hired, on your own behalf. / No en este momento, pero tenemos contactos que proveemos-despues de firmar su contrato.

Q: Do you provide Tables & Chairs? / Tienen mesas y cillas ?

A: We have 72” round tables (fits 8 – 10 guests comfortably) and cocktail tables for events. **We do not have chairs-will share vendor information after signed contract**/Tenemos mesas redondas de 72″ y mesas de cocktail, pero no sillas; le daremos el telefono de el contacto.

Q: Do we need Valet Parking? / Tienen Valet?

A: No, there is parking inside our ranch and depending on your event; Security can be hired. If you want to hire Valet for your event, we will try to get you contacts. / No, hay parqueo adentro y dependiendo su evento se contrarian guardias de seguridad. Pero tenemos telefono de contactos.

How does booking work?

Q: How can I book an appointment? / Como hago cita?

A:  Send a message to schedule an appointment (there will be a $50 fee, which is not credited towards total). / Mande menage en la pagina-cobramos $50 para cita

Q: Can I smoke in Rancho Los Felix? / Puedo fumar?

A:  No. Rancho Los Felix is a non-smoking Venue. (Smoking includes vape pens). / No, pedimos que no se fume en nuestro Rancho (no plumas vapes).

Q: Can I reschedule my event date? / Puedo cambiar la fecha después de pagar mi deposito?

A: Yes, you can, just understand you would need to pay $2,000 non-refundable deposit again and an open date will be rescheduled. / Si, pero sepa que tendra que pagar $2,000 de deposito nuevamente.

Q: Do I have to clean after my event? / Tengo que lumpier despues de mi evento?

A: Yes you do, just by making sure all tables are cleaned and no trash on the floor. There will be trash cans supplied by RLF. Or option is to pay Rancho Los Felix $1,000 to clean for you. / Si, pedimos que limpen mesas y basura que este al alrededor para no perder su deposito.

Q: Do you have heaters? / Tienen calentones?

A: Yes, we do have some heaters. We rent these at $80.00 each (if interested) / Si tenemos y los rentamos a $80.00 cada uno.

Q: Decor service available? / Decoran en los eventos?

A: No. Will share vendor per request, you would contract / No. le proveeremos con numero de telefonos de vendedores.

Q. Do you have a one-day Coordinator? / Tienen cordinadores de eventos de solo un dia-para el evento?

A: Please ask us and we can connect you with someone to assist you, after a signed contract / Pregunte y le daremos contactos, cuando firme su contrato.